Sexual Harassment Prevention and Resource Access




Goal: Combat the culture of apathy and insensitivity towards sexual assault with vigor and tact. Make sexual harassment survivors feel at home again.


Potential Spartan Partnerships: OIE, MSU Athletes, The Prevention, Outreach and Education (POE) Department, OLIN, MSUPD.



Revive the creation of an ASMSU sexual assault taskforce to specifically address students’ concerns with OIE and other.







Work with OIE to create an online anonymous nondisclosure reporting system that connects to students so that students who do not want to be identified can still access valuable resources. This will give more sexually violated students the courage to seek help without fear of retaliation.




Encourage the creation of an optional healthy masculinity peer education training. Collaborate with related RSOs, male athletes, and fraternities to provide workshops to students on topics surrounding healthy masculinity and how to liaise it for individual and community success.




Advocate for Olin to carry rape kits or at least raise awareness so that students will know where to access the kits.





Make funding accessible to General Assembly representatives who combat rape culture by organizing events that educate their constituents on sexual assault and misonduct.




Using surveys and interviews to canvass across campus for students’ feedback on OIE’s methods. Directing that feedback to OIE and discussing ways they can tailor themselves to students’ needs.





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