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At ASMSU, the President and Vice Presidents are elected by the General Assembly, not the student body. But there are many ways students can contribute to highlighting a candidate to their General Assembly. You voice is loud, powerful and impactful. With that, it will be my honor if you used it to elect me through one of the subsequent options.


Option 1


  • Take a deep breathe
  • Learn more about my platform
  • Email your college‚Äôs General Assembly representatives (below)
  • Ask them to kindly vote for me


Option 2


  • Follow me on social media
  • Watch out for my posts
  • Like, share, comment
  • Or just dm me for a chat


Option 3


  • Scroll to the bottom of this page
  • Email your questions, concerns, feedback, ideas


Option 4


  • Visit us on Election Day via zoom.
  • Speak on my behalf
  • Presidential elections are April 15th (more details coming soon)!



College Representatives

Agricultural and Natural Resources
  • Emma Grant
  • Blake Lajines
  • Max Toll


Natural Science
  • Aubrey Hanes
  • Cynthia Sridhar
  • Olivia Triltsch



College of Business
  • Maria Kakos
  • Tim Morris




Social Science
  • Sarah Chynoweth



  • Aaron Iturralde



  • Riley Lawson
  • Christian Stack


James Madison College
  • Jordan Kovach
  • Gavyn Webb


Residential College in the Arts and Humanities
  • *no candidates


Communication Arts and Sciences
  • Jack Harrison


Vet Med
  • Travis Boling


No Preference
  • Alan Seleh


Arts and Letters
  • Matt Apostle


  • *no candidates


College of Music
  • *no candidates


Lyman Briggs College
  • *no candidates


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